A Conundrum - Advise most appreciated

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Re: A Conundrum - Advise most appreciated

On my next payday I will be buying an A 77 myself and a few lenses. Most of my future lens collection will likely be manual focus lenses, such as a telescope I am going to order and also the Samyang lenses. The main reason is the cost is so much lower and I don't mind MF considering focus peaking will work great with these. With that being said, most of my shooting I will have the mirror out of my a 77. This will allow more light through and therefore allow lower iso  for the same shooting situations.

This is one option but of course it will stop you from using auto focus. I wouldn't recommend anybody swap the mirror in and out on a regular basis as I have read they are very hard to clean. But if you like manual focusing and you don't mind keeping that little mirror safe, it's a good way to steal a half stop or so. in fact from what I have been reading, and I say reading because I I am still waiting on my first Sony camera, with the mirror out of the way the Sony cameras are actually on par with every other brand. Considering they have focus peaking and magnification I don't see them at a disadvantage at all like some people claim.

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