The Amazing D200.

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Re: Great images, a few of mine with the same CCD sensor

Tidewater wrote:

Beautiful. Are you sure they are not from Ektachrome. Tonal range and depth is especially nice in the Canyon shots and the!

thank you, indeed the files are very easy to work on and really feel like slide film (no color shift in shadows, no blown warm colors independently of normal colors, no mushy tones). People complain too much about noise with the D200, but Velvia 50 film also shows some noise, even on 6x7 slides, and we used to deal for years with very noisy 400 images, which is not even the case with the D200.

Some people are also looking for filmic grain structure, like on Tri-X film. Grain from 800-1600 ISO images can easily be removed or damped, especially chromatic noise, so it is not a big deal at all. Look at the D7100 images at base ISO : they produce noise. Even my D600 shows some noise in the skies but do I really care, NO : it helps ghosting jpeg artifacts on the final output and will not been seen on the final print anyways

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