" I almost got punched out last weekend."

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I meant to continue my answers. I use iso 400 because I feel the need to arrest movement and to have enough depth of field to cover both near and far people close to my lens. I walk around and when I see something that intrigues me, I quickly lift the camera to my eye and take the picture. If I move or the subject moves, the picture is no good. That why I like to shoot at 1/125 minimum and preferably 1/250.

In the near future, I will go out and shoot with my 50mmf/2 Sumicron wide open ( = 100mmf/2 on full frame ) and see what I can do with out of focus backgrounds. Of course, I will have to focus manually, which doesn't bother me that much. Different look.

As Henri Cartier Bresson said, at any one time there is a decisive moment to a scene. If you have to ask for permission to shoot, you've missed it. His motto was, shoot first, apologize later. Check out his photos if you don't agree with that philosophy. In his 75 years as a photographer, he was never assaulted.

Mitt Romney's corvette!

These boots are meant for riding and I'm gonna ride all over you!

That's my dad!

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