ANOTHER DSLR...or something else...OR wait??

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ANOTHER DSLR...or something else...OR wait??

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and give your input!!!

I currently own D800, D3, D7k and D70IR. I shoot a lot on all 4 of the cameras...and I also use two different iPhones for various photography projects including Timelapse and HDR. I teach HS photography, do a wedding or two a year, shoot a few freelance sports games for the local newspaper, and participate in the local camera club including yearly competitions, etc. My wife also shoots one a DSLR from time to time. Anyway...just a quick run down.

To me, cameras and lenses are like shoes...each activity has it's own needs. There are times that the D3 is the BEST camera. Like, the games I cover for the newspaper...the D3 is the best camera I have for it. I haven't done a wedding in a while, but have one coming up this weekend, and the D3 will still be the main camera. The D800 is mostly for landscapes...and the occasional portrait job.

The D7k is the go to camera for most casual shooting. Oh, I also have a AW100 that I have had fun with for a ski trip, taking out on the boat, and other pocket camera situations.

When I go on an photo excursions, I am usually shooting with 2 - 3 cameras with various lenses, like a 16-35 on the D800, 50-500 on the D3...and maybe a macro or prime on the D7k. Occasionally, my wife likes to shoot when I am shoot. We go shooting together once or twice a month. Like, we will go out boating in the Swamps and river areas of SETexas.

Historically, I have had 3 cameras to myself, and one more for my wife. When purchasing the D800, I sold three cameras: D90, D700 and D40. So, when were are both out shooting, I have to give up one of the cameras, like the D7k. I am considering purchasing one more camera, but am conflicted.

Option 1: D5200 - Have always loved the articulating screen. This would add something I don't already have in the arsenal. My wife would mainly use this, but it would be fun to have in the family. The main reason I am against getting this is because of it only have one command dial, a slightly lower end camera, and a different battery than the D800 and D7k that we already have.

Option 2: D7100 - Although not that big of an upgrade, I have REALLY liked the D7k. It is actually my favorite camera, over even the D3 and D800 because of the shooting mode dial and flexibility to shoot such a diversity...or rather, the ease in switching between a diversity of subjects. If I get the D7100, the D7k would become my wife's camera. I like the D7100 option a lot because of battery issues and a grip I have. This camera MAKES the most sense...exception for Option 3 or 4 or 5.

Option 3: A Nikon 1. I looked at this...but really, I have an iPhone...and if I am going to carry a bag and lenses, I might as well grap the rolling suit case of cameras and many lenses. Seems like the Nikon 1 system is still maturing...and I should wait. ???

Option 4: A wifi enable the Samsung GC110. I really like shooting with the iPhone...and have taken some really good pictures considering it's limitation. And I think a SMART camera is the way to go. So maybe another DSLR is NOT necessary at this point.

Option 5: Nothing. Just wait. Seems like we haven't really seen any dramatic improvements lately. What is next? Is another level of camera or improvements due out soon? How soon for a SMART DSLR? At school, I buy Pentax, and some neat features always seem to be on the new models that filter down to Nikon and Canon. I am not one to wait when I need something now, but, I don't really HAVE to buy anything right now.

So, what are other people doing? Any thoughts???

Thanks again for your time!!!


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