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Re: Does Size Matter?

nixda wrote:

Al Valentino wrote:

Does size matter? Especially if you have big hands?

Below are the relative sizes of the bodies. Would have been nice if the same case fit both bodies but you decide for yourself

To me the XE1 was a smaller, less expensive alternative to the XPro1. They took out the Optical viewfinder and made the body smaller. Now they remove the viewfinder altogether. Personally, if I want to take a picture without a viewfinder and hold the camera out, I pull out my iPhone.

I think that's a bit too harsh.

Perhaps we could do without my iPhone crack

After all, the viewfinder primarily serves for composing a shot, not much more.

I disagree.

Bracing the camera against your head allows another contact point for stability for low shutter speeds. I have pulled off some incredible shots by using proper technique (Not referring just to fuji) by pressing against eye/head, holding elbows in and against my body, and rolling finger over the shutter between breaths. The longer lenght and shorter the shutter speed, the more important technique it. Hold a pencil against your chest pointing away. Now just watch it move up and down as you take normal breaths - body motion from breathing can be a factor.

Also, if their is a bright light behind you then the LCD can have plenty of glare making it hard to see. Not so when looking through a viewfinder.

So a viewfinder, although not necessary, can be very useful 

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