Need recommendation for colorimeter for new iMac.

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Re: Need recommendation for colorimeter for new iMac.

Thanks everyone.

Looks like the Color Munki display @ $169 will be good enough for me.

FWIW, below is part of a review on Amazon:

"The manual is EXACTLY the same, with the exception of the i1Display name is changed to ColorMunki in the ColorMunk manual obviously. Seriously. They are exactly the same, word for word, picture for picture.

And this manual is a JOKE. It should be treated as merely a quick start guide, as it is called, as it doesn't contain any troubleshooting information or anything else of use outside of installing the software and plugging in the device/using the software. It's minimalist.

Software install:

Process is much the same. I HIGHLY recommend, to avoid frustration, that you head over to X-Rite's website and download the latest version of the software and NOT use the disc included. The included disc is one version old compared to the updated version available.

The software requires a reboot, so be sure you aren't doing anything else in the background when it installs.

So here's the most important part of this review and comparison. The ColorMunki's profile/calibration is as good as the i1Display Pro. I have switched between the two device's color profiles and can see no discernible difference between the two profiles. No difference AT ALL. The two device provided profiles that look identical to my eyes."


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