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Re: X-M1

Great move by Fuji - this directly competes with Sony NEX, Olympuses and other m43 crowd.   Before, with XPRO1 pricing initally near $2000 and XE1 near $1400, it was competing with serious DSLRs.

This is a smart move.  Create a clearly inferior line with inferior lenses for general consumer that would directly compete PRICEWISE with Sony NEX, and m43 crowd.    A consumer comes to a store and sees Fuji XM1 next to Sony NEX next to Olympus EPL1 or Panasonic.    They are all priced similarly, but Fuji definitely LOOKS BETTER comparing to the others.   So this consumer will pick the Fuji!!!!  I am surprised they did not make it available in 10 different colors.

At the same time they want to protect the serious line of XPRO1/E1 and not offend us owners that invested in that gear.  So they remove the PDAF on sensor from XM1 which they clearly had available (X100s/X20) and remove the shutter speed wheel, remove the viewfinder, remove the AF/MF switch, etc.  Add cheap lenses without aperture control, just like Sony 16-50.

I just hope that Fuji does not get too much involved in that XM1 line and forgets about XPRO1/E1 users.   You know like they did with F30/F31 which were great cameras and what they did with that line (killed it and cheapened it out).

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