A little HDR fun in the Streetcar Barn in New Orleans K5 IIs

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Jim Radcliffe
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It's a tool.. and can be used the wrong way.. but it's just another tool.

Akar wrote:

Jim, your photo is amazing. Generally I don'n like HDR effects, but your shot shows, that in the hands of skilled photographer it's a powerfull tool.

Oh, I just read your previous post and I see your shot is also the confirmation of your postprocessing skills. Very inspiring, congrats.


Thanks, Andrzej.  I do not like the "over-cooked" HDR that we so often see online but I do appreciate an HDR photo that more resembles what the eye sees.  Let's face it, none of the existing cameras are capable of reproducing the dynamic range of what we actually see with our eyes, that is where proper use of HDR comes in to play and is effective as a photographic tool.

That said, there is also the "art" side of HDR photography and Trey Ratcliff is pretty much the authority on that.  There are things you can do with HDR (such as shooting directly into the sun) that you just can't do (effectively) otherwise.

I'm pretty much a fan of available light and low light shooting but there are times when a touch of HDR is just what is needed to transform a ho-hum shot into a wow shot.

Those who say HDR is not "real" photography are being a bit narrow-minded... there are always extremes but used properly HDR is no different than any other method of post-processing, whether it be high-key or soft focus.. it's just another tool and technique.

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Jim Radcliffe
The ability to 'see' the shot is more important than the gear used to capture it.

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