suggest manual lens for milky way

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Re: suggest manual lens for milky way

It's more likely operator, or firmware and not fog Greg.  I think he's using an E-lens and not an M42.

On his original question - I've had some pleasant wide fields on a very inexpensive Vivitar S1 28mm 2.5 on an m42 mount for under 1 minute subs, untracked.

With a lens this small, it's the smallest of nudge between in and out of focus eg FWHM ~<2 to FWHM 10.

He needs to focus with spot metering and have the lens in MF, not DMF. LENS comps OFF. ISO as low as you can go, since the camera processor is going to try to stretch the frame.  There is allot the camera does to the frame, even before the RAW gets written which appears to contradict the common mythos

Turn off noise reduction I think, and capture your own Darks and bias frames.  shoot multiple exposures and stack. There is some freeware out there, but I use MaximDL and photoshop.  process in 16 bits as long as you can for better SNR (and IQ).

Personally, I'm very tempted to hang this camera on my TAK-FSQ/Temma combination, but my situation prohibits this for now..  This Exmor sensor looks better than my peltier cooled Ex-HAD in allot of ways.

I've been collecting million year old photons for 13 years now.

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