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Re: X-M1

I believe it is the answer to the NEX-3-5's, not the NEX-6. The NEX-6 is the direct competion to the X-E1 because both have EVF's and are more pro build with dials.

I am sorry, but I do not consider the Oly's or Pany's a direct competition because it is basically the best APS-C sensor in the market vs the smaller M43. I have seen and used the E-M5's and the GH-2/G5 of Pany, though they are good cameras, the image quality is not comparable to what the X Trans delivers, especially in high ISO and detail.

I think this is a very good move by Fuji. They are trying to attract amateurs with this new camera system, making it more user friendly while still delivering spectacular image quality.

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