" I almost got punched out last weekend."

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Re: " I almost got punched out last weekend."

agentul wrote:

Weegee wrote:

Anyhow, just as I'm taking a picture, this Hell's Angel guy grabs me by my neck and says to me," no pictures of me!" He wanted me to delete the file. I decided to not do so. I went into a discussion and ultimately uttered the second most powerful phrase in the English language, " I'm sorry!" ( the first being, " I love you!", maybe I should have said that! ) So, after apologizing profusely, he said to me, " you can go man, you're OK."

so why didn't you respect the man's privacy and delete the file? it looks like you were able to take a lot of pictures at the event, one less wouldn't have been a problem.

And then to post the unwanted photo on the internet is a further disrespect of the person's wishes. This is one reason why people don't want their pictures taken by strangers.

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