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Re: Bronze = hotter, Gold = cooler

Chris Noble wrote:

SushiEater wrote:

Regardless, I will never exceed 60% most likely.

"Most likely"? Your max clock operating load won't vary unless you reconfigure your system with new or different components.

It is not components, it is software I am running.

I did burn 750w (rated) one rail PS few years ago hence I bought 1200w.

So now you use a 1200W PS in a 150W system... costing you more every year in wasted electricity than the cost of a correct PS, generating a lot of heat and fan noise?

First of all it is not 150w system. During load (but not full load) it is actually 400w system. CPU draws 150w by itself.

According to Power Supply Calculator it should use 400w and according to Kill-A-Watt that is what it is using. So where is the waste?

You are also forgetting that most power supplies drop their wattage in a year by as much as 20% so now my power supply is more like 950-1000w. And if I run 3d video processing I will be using close to 650w.

Since this PS only becomes inefficient (slightly) at almost full power

Actually, the maximum efficiency is at 50-75% load, which is what power supplies are designed for. Efficiency drops above 75%, and drops a lot below 50%.

75% maybe at full load. 50%?????????? Must be very bad PS.

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