The Amazing D200.

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Re: The Amazing D200.

I just ordered one from KEH after reading and seeing images made from this camera. For years I shot with an olympus E1 and LOVED the colors I got from it. The OOC jpegs were so good, raw files were rarely if ever needed. The only problem was the small sensor amplified noise + it was only 5MP. I tried a later E410 but the panny CMOS sensor didn't have the same look. The other E system cameras didn't look any better so I got a D7000 and switched systems.

Clearly the low ISO and shadow recovery from the D7000 is amazing but I instantly noticed things like the red channel being blown into mush, files that had certain colors extremely over saturated even shot on the neutral picture control etc.

So I'm going to "step back" to a D200 and see how it works for me. I still have a D7000 when I know I need iso800+ but much of the time I shoot in daylight with fairly fast glass so am at the lower iso settings anyway. I hope to end up with files that look like my E1 files, great colors etc but with 2X the MP and more dynamic range.

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