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Re: ND filter question

baneling wrote:

hi all, i bought the B+W 77mm MRC 10 stop ND filter and it vignettes.

do you know if the cokin Z-series will vignette with my Canon 10-22mm lens? I was told if I attach it to my camera backwards, it will not vignette.

If I was in your shoes and was suffering vignetting and really really wanted an ND 3.0 then I would go down the expenseeeve route of a B+W 82mm MRC ND 3.0 with a step up ring (try before you buy, there could still be issues). I had similar issues years ago with a 72mm filter thread on the 18-200mm. That is when I bought the 77mm B+W and a step up ring. When I got 77mm thread lenses, I just ditched the step up ring.  I know its an expensive route to take, but as I mentioned earlier, I wouldn't use a slide in ND 3.0.

Saying that though, I have never tried one. I just know the issues Ive had with light bouncing off the inside of the slide in grad filters and they are not knocking down nearly as much light as the ND 3.0
The cokin Z pro with a 'shortened stack' (of filter slides) starts to vignette at 24mm on my D700 24-70mm lens (77mm filter thread), when fitted over a Nikon NC filter. I have to zoom to 28mm to get rid of the vignetting 
A last thought: Measure the thickness of that 77mm filter then get a piece of black paper/card and cut out an 82mm hole. With the camera on a tripod, have the paper/card the same distance off the lens as the thickness of the filter you measured. Take a shot and see if you see the paper/card in the shot, If you don't then the 82mm/step up ring combo is for you. If you do see the paper/card, make the hole bigger until you see no paper/card in the shot. Now you now know what filter/holder sizes you need for zero vignetting. Which should help you make a more informed decision as to what route to take.

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