Lenses: Did they get it right??

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Hard to say...

Speaking as a potential interest (I'm not sure it's mature enough yet the system for me)

35mm f1.4, reasonable price for the aperture, lens seems to perform well and gives you an equivalent just over 50mm so that's an obvious choice and sensible. Not sure about the out of focus rendering on the lens, looks a bit edgy at times to me

18mm f2, can't say that would appeal to me, not sure I'd find that focal length useful at that faster speed.

55-200mm I think they needed a tele lens of some sort so again I've no problems with that offering.

60mm macro not sure about that like the images I've seen from it, I'd forget about the hood though makes it too bulky

14mm f2.8 I think that's a decent one and would be useful for UWA shots

18-55mm again not a bad choice I'd have no problems with this lens.

The system is quite young so we'll see more lenses turn up, it's hard to say what should be next everyone has different needs

I see a 27mm f2.8 pancake on the roadmap, 23mm f1.4, 56mm f1.2 (looks interesting but will surely be pricey)

Nothing obviously iffy stands out, though I'd prefer an f2 27mm.

I'm not a fan of the focus by wire I think that's a mistake from Fuji

The square lens hoods on some lenses are awkward and not really ideal

I also think they need to ensure they lenses are not only sharp but have nice blur rendering (the new 32mm touit looks downright awful in this regard)

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