" I almost got punched out last weekend."

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" I almost got punched out last weekend."

Bike week in Laconia, New Hampshire was last week. I went there to try out my Olympus OM-DE5. It's OK but not as good as my old Leica M3-M4. In one sense it's better because it does auto focus relatively well but it goes to sleep too quickly and by the time I've woken it up, the shot is "mostly" gone. I guess I have to find somewhere in the menu a way to keep it constantly on. That will probably drain the battery fairly quickly.

Anyhow, just as I'm taking a picture, this Hell's Angel guy grabs me by my neck and says to me," no pictures of me!" He wanted me to delete the file. I decided to not do so. I went into a discussion and ultimately uttered the second most powerful phrase in the English language, " I'm sorry!" ( the first being, " I love you!", maybe I should have said that! ) So, after apologizing profusely, he said to me, " you can go man, you're OK."

It is the first image below ( in case the order gets screwed up when I upload it, I'm sure you will be able to pick it out.)

For those of you interested, I used my super wide just for the hell of it, the Panasonic 7-14mm ( = to a 14-28mm on a full frame ) mostly at 7mm. It really only works when you get really close and want to create a kind of caricature, sort of like the street artists who draw a cartoon picture of you in no time for a few bucks. I then switched to my 17mmf/1.8. That's basically my favorite lens for street shooting, like the f/2 Sumicron on my Leica M4. If I use too many lenses I confuse myself with the framing and miss too many shots. My view is basically 35mm dating back to my early days when I shot street scenes for the hell of it. Also, too many people and too many motorcycles. The background was always too cluttered.

I set the iso to 400 and shot both RAW and jpegs. That was a waste. I converted all the RAWs to jpegs afterwards. The lighting was the worst possible, sunny and overhead. The contrast was fierce! So, in Photoshop I brought the highlight slider all the way to the left ( for low highlight contrast ) and the shadow slider all the way to the right. Finally, I added a slight S curve to bring back a little contrast. Next time I'm only going out with the 17mm ( 35mm on full frame ) and hopefully on a cloudy day.

It's been 45 years since the last time I shot street photography for a full day! I hope practice will get me back closer to where I was.

One final thought. When I shot in the late 1960s, I was always the only one on the street with a camera. Not nowadays, there were 3 other street photographers shooting near me on that day. They were all using big DSLRs.

Here are a few of my shots to accompany this blog.

Ready to punch me out!

Almost ready to punch me out!

Just relaxing baby!

For some $$$$, she'll take you for a ride!

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