What is the best non-Adobe photo processing software for Apple?

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Re: What is the best non-Adobe photo processing software for Apple?

Marvin Doering wrote:

I asked for information on the Software sight but most of what I was recommended seems to only function on PCs. I tried downloading the free 30 day trial of Corel Paintshop Pro and it warned me iafter downloading that it was a PC program and asked me if I wanted to continue. Obviously I didn't. What are you using now or what would you recommend once Adobe faids into the clouds?

This question is of particular interest to me since I am moving from the PC to the Mac and have been wondering about photo software. I have a lot of stuff for the PC and have been thinking about which of these software apps I could and would move to the Mac. Here is my list:

1) A CDSee Pro 6 has a Mac equivalent of ACDSee Pro 3 for the Mac. Pro 6 is a very nice and complete photo editing solution that contains photo management, workflow and individual editing functionality. I was uncertain about it when I first trial-ed it but found it to be much, much better than I expected and I used it on the PC to replace Lightroom 4. I will at least trial the Mac version even though I would have to buy it.

2) PhotoNinja. This is an excellent workflow tool with the best highlight recovery and color manipulation I have seen in any software. There is a Mac version and I will download that as well.

3) Topaz has a new product called photoFXlab. This is a simple editor which was intended to be a platform for calling their plugins but which has simple, but very nice, masking and editing functionality built into it. I currently use this as an external editor from Pro 6 and expect to use it as an external editor for Pro 3 on the Mac. It allows me to selectively adjust different parts of an image by simple layers and masking.

4) I will also move Lightroom to the Mac although I am not sure I will use it much. Since I have the Windows version and since Lightroom is cross-platform I am entitled to the Mac version provided I remove the Windows version from my PC.

Given that I don't know how you use your software or what you want to do I cannot really make any specific recommendations but if you are looking for a complete workflow solution you might try ACDSee Pro 3 which would also provide you with regular editor, but without layers functionality. If you are looking to only do simple, but very good, workflow adjustments on your images, you might try PhotoNinja. If you are lookiing for external plugins you might try Topaz or Nik.

Hope this is of some help.

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