Should I dump the Sigma 70-200 OS and get the Tamron 70-200?

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Re: Should I dump the Sigma 70-200 OS and get the Tamron 70-200?

Varuas wrote:

paulski66 wrote:

Or you could have just saved yourself money in the long run and, instead of chasing after the best of the mediocre 70-200 f/2.8s, shelled out a bit more and gotten the best-in-class Nikkor.

Well, according to DxOMark's emperical analysis, the Tamron 70-200 VC is the best-in-class, beating Nikkor. But what would they know about lens testing.

I imagine they know exactly what they need to know to attempt to maximize revenue from it, which is why it exists. This probably weighs choosing standards of credibility (such as how many copies of each lens to fully test and average results over, whats the betting this number is regularly less than 2) versus their ability to generate results that they can write headlines for (such as our 1 sample of this lens at X set distance(s), somehow averaging aperture even when the lenses don't have the same aperture range, and focal length shooting our chart was 1/25 better (however they tested that) than our 1 sample of this other lens). But hey that word empirical makes it sound much better than the otherwise pretty useless fact that this is without lots of similar observations from other sources.

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