suggest manual lens for milky way

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Re: suggest manual lens for milky way

kcire wrote:

i'm using f/2.8, iso 1600 / 3200 and 20-30 seconds

the peaking focus and mf assist helps a lot at the first 30 minutes, but after I change focus to a FG / POI, then the problem begins. It can't infinity again for the rest time. is it because low temperature?

It should not be for the temp, as long as you'r not in very cold conditions that is, but check the lens fpr fog...

i don't understand why e-mount lens focus ring has neverending turn.

That has to do with the focus by wire, the MF is not directly coupled with the focus system, but it command the focus motor in the lens, but it is not coupled, sa it does not turns when you auto focus the camera. So lets say you MF to infinity, Swithch the camera off, then AF the camera to very close by and swithch to MF you should not be able to focus to infinity again as your ring is at the end stop.

It would be nice if they found a way that you can still feel a stop at infinity...

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