Mom and daughter by the lake - feedback please? :)

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Re: exposure

Totally understand. But the ADOBE RGB thing is a player. Is your Photoshop set to Adobe RGB? Most folks who view this on the web will be seeing sRGB so, in this case, the ladies skin seems to have the green cast while her skin looks fine in Adobe RGB. I have my D7K and Photoshop set for sRGB and my monitor calibrated for that. That way I'm better able to see what folks will see. I only use Adobe RGB when the output requires it. Just something to consider.

This. Yes Adobe RGB is a bigger colour space, but its much more important to get the output right. If clients all want to post on the web, then sRGB it is. Calibrated monitors depends on the demands of clients, and how good/bad your monitor is without it. My monitor looks pretty close to my iphone and ipad and again for the vast majority of output it would never make a difference. Now if the shoot is for a client that needs detailed specific colours in final form, and there is going to be a lot of shifting them in an extensive pp process, then you will be wanting the calibrated monitor and a larger colour space - however it is the post processing equivalent of demanding a top of the line camera and lens setup for day to day photos and snapshots: most of the time it will make no difference.

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