SX 50 question (in camera sharpening)

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Whoops, wrote a response to your post, got distracted for about 45 min. and came back to my reply, saw that it was still on my screen and hit post. Poof! Gone...

Anyway, the gist of my missing post is this: My SX30 (two generations older than your SX50) allows me to run altered skin tones AND sharpening at the same time that you say you cannot do on your SX50. However, I cannot do other combinations such as you mentioned. I cannot do both Positive film AND Sharpening, etc.

My bet, in view of your camera being two generations newer, the SX50 WILL allow you to mix some of those presets that I cannot do on the SX30 and that you may not have dived deeply enough into the menu structure to see the settings.

Let us know.

Regards, Jim

Monicakm wrote:

Probably a stupid question...I know that you find custom sharpening, colors and contrast in the C1 and C2 options. So to me that says (as an example) that you can shoot using in-camera sharpening/contrast/etc and you can shoot in BP (positive film) but you can't have both. You can choose to create lighter skin on a person but can't do in-camera sharpening AND lighter skin, right?

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