Samsung gets it right - look here, Oly!

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Re: Oh the irony!

g_r_w wrote:

You're missing the point - this was a question of good ergonomics not whether or not you can do it at all. The E-M5 has buttons on the back, but many users have been critical of the size and placement of the buttons ergo, not widely regarded as having good ergonomics.

guess why I never thought of buying one ;).. I absolutely dislike the way the OM-D works and I know from others having the same issues I did have, bus that is as you said a personal "taste"

Admittedly, iFn is quite good, but it doesn't replace physical buttons - that is where I draw the line at saying Samsung has done the right thing.

mhh, I cannot really see the difference in benefit between pressing a single hardware button once or twice and use the same attached hardware ring to select the option versus three different buttons on the back (where you need to move your right hand into a different position)

but I am least happy we do no longer need to talk about " you need the touch screen to operate the camera thingie"

You also have the following limitations - not all native NX lenses have iFN buttons e.g. the good and popular 30mm pancake doesn't (MkII perhaps?)

yes, that is the lens I am waiting for to replace with the MKII as I am using the iFN option especially with the viewfinder NX20 heavily while the NX300 without an eyelevel viewfinder... guess what: I am using the touch screen so in reality with the NX20 and the Nx300 I hardly use the 5 way button area on the back at any time but the top dial, the iFN and the touch screen so personally I am already operating any of the two the way you can work with the NX2000 (Tizen OS, same cameraOS and buttons, already on sale) or the GN120

As far as I know Samsung haven't opened up the NX firmware for iFN support in 3rd party lenses i.e. they don't have an iFN button. Please correct me again if I'm wrong.

correct, no third party so far, but I cannot believe that any third party will ever come up with a special lens for the NX only so the only real issue I see with that camera are manual lenses but hey... the have a manual aperture ring, a manual focus so setting but yes, with an iFN it will be harder to use them and I do not see the NX giving up the trafdtional line of camera so I see that one just as one option.

An I believe some companys are getting nervous now. Iheard that Nikon will continue their dongle approach as on WiFi with android as well and will build an Android Dongle for the D7200 which adds 4,8" screen to it

Please don't tell me that your solution to this is to carry around a keyboard, headset and talk to my camera? "Camera, White Balance, Tungsten... tungsten.... no, I said tuuunnngggsssstennn"

i have BT in my car, at home, and a headset with me anyway as I normally use a phone anyway but hey.. google glas ! why not copy the NX output to GG and operate it with a blink of your eye.. make the eyelevel viewfinder no a real eyelevel one.

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