Samsung gets it right - look here, Oly!

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Re: Oh the irony!

tjobbe wrote:

Amazing expertise here !

You didn't get the memo - we're all experts here.

for those who might still be interested in facts:

you can operate that one similar to the NX2000 (Tizin 2.0, CameraOS as on Android) by using the 2*2 button&rotate elements on top plate and iFN.

with iFN on the lens you can change all PASM related parameters extremely quick

with the push/rotate on the top plate you do have access to the extended FN selection

You're missing the point - this was a question of good ergonomics not whether or not you can do it at all.  The E-M5 has buttons on the back, but many users have been critical of the size and placement of the buttons ergo, not widely regarded as having good ergonomics.

Admittedly, iFn is quite good, but it doesn't replace physical buttons - that is where I draw the line at saying Samsung has done the right thing.

You also have the following limitations - not all native NX lenses have iFN buttons e.g. the good and popular 30mm pancake doesn't (MkII perhaps?)

As far as I know Samsung haven't opened up the NX firmware for iFN support in 3rd party lenses i.e. they don't have an iFN button.  Please correct me again if I'm wrong.

No iFN buttons on legacy lenses - I'm not sure that's their target market anyway.

Or are you asking to operate all Android functions with direct buttons ? If yes simply attached a bluetooth keyboard and a blue tooth head set or operate the Camera via Voice control.

Yes that is where I was going my contribution to this assessment of good versus poor ergonomics - direct access.

Please don't tell me that your solution to this is to carry around a keyboard, headset and talk to my camera? "Camera, White Balance, Tungsten... tungsten.... no, I said tuuunnngggsssstennn"

I'm surprised that you didn't suggest Google Glass as an option, which I'm guessing would be technically possible if not now but very soon.

..and about size... its not that deep as the "small sensor" GH3 that comes without a smartphone

Is that good or bad?  Anyway, they were the OP's words not mine.

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