Skin colour in 24MP DX cameras

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Re: Ordered :)

Stacey_K wrote:

After reading your notes here, doing some research etc I ordered a EX+ D200 from KEH and hope I like the results for low ISO portrait work. 10MP is more than plenty for me and if this skin tone issue is solved, I can live with the ISO ceiling these have. BTW what do you consider the high ISO limit to be for these? It has to be better than my E1 I do believe there is a reason they stayed with CCD for medium format pro backs etc..

I really do hope you like it. Mine's not getting much use. The price was right and I treated it as a learning experience to see if I'd like a step up to a DXXX body. I much prefer the D90, and after carrying around a D200 to work for a few weeks, I went back to carrying a D90.

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