manual focus zeiss lenses on D7100

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Re: manual focus zeiss lenses on D7100

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does anyone has experience using manual focus zeiss lenses on nikon d7100? I saw a warning in the literature stating that one should not set the focussing to manual and set auto mode else it would damage the camera/lens. If any such warnings exist -pl let me know the dos and don'ts.



I think that is in reference to some AF lenses which have a separate control on the lens to select MF/AF and are driven by the motor in the camera body (i.e. 'screwdrive lenses' with a separate control on the lens like the AF 135/2 DC). The warning is to not set MF on one and AF on the other (e.g. MF on lens, AF on body).

MF only lenses like Zeiss (and AF-S lenses) do not have the mechanical linkage for focusing.

This is right kamalpr, nothing to do with zf or zf.2.

Thanks. When I set in Non-CPU lens data for my zeiss 50mm f/1.4 focal length =50mm and max aperture =f/1.4,

how will the camera figure out in aperture priority mode that I have modified aperture to f/2.8 and adjust shutter speed & iso accordingly?



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