The Amazing D200.

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Great images.

Hope this doesn't start a holy war... But I'll go ahead and ask: what would you say that it's capable of? Any particular settings you avoid?

I guess I could've chosen my words a little better...instead of saying "not asking it to do more that its capable of"....i probably should've said "not asking it to do more than what my personal preferences thinks its capable of doing WELL."

The one particular setting with my D200 that I'm always mindful of, is avoiding shooting higher than ISO400.  At 400, the images to my eyes are tolerable....anything higher than that and the noise becomes too much for me.  That doesn't  mean that I never go pass 400.  What it does mean is on  those occassions when I do, I'm ok with having a "crappy" shot full of noise, instead of having no shot at all.  I can atleast say I captured the won't be the greatest thing to look at, but atleast I got it.  Also, during the editing process, I can clean up ISO400 noise well enough to my liking, anything much more than 400 and my editing skills don't do that well.


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