Samsung gets it right - look here, Oly!

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Re: Oh the irony!

NZ Scott wrote:

Go back and read the original post.

I CRITICISED the Samsung for not having physical buttons.

Honestly, I wonder if some of the people frequenting this forum are even able to read.


You've stated that your desirable camera would include buttons, but that's not what Samsung have done is it? As far as I'm concerned haptics and ergonomics go hand-in-hand - no pun intended. So where's the thread "Samsung gets it wrong - don'y look here, Oly!"

Yes, I read and understood your original post, in fact if you READ MY POST - I quoted that part and also noted that you wanted buttons on a camera. I intentionally included that, so as not to gloss over your commentary.

But you seem to be more punishing of Olympus in your commentary of their EVF placement than of Samsung and their non-existent button layout. If you're posting about ergonomics, I just find it an unbalanced assessment.

BTW - I just realised I hadn't been trolling the NX forums... it is quite possible you posted your "Samsung gets it wrong - don'y look here, Oly!" thread there.   Apologies of you have and I've missed it.

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