Do pixels matter? What 20" x 30" prints reveal.

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Re: Do pixels matter? What 20" x 30" prints reveal.

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I guess what I was trying to say is that if you take a scene and crop into it you have a wider perspective than if you took the shot you wanted from the start. If I want a tight head shot, the perspective is different if you get there by cropping or by using a different lens. For instance, an 85mm on a full frame camera has a different perspective than a 50mm on a cropped sensor even though the angle of view might be similar . I do understand that if I take a photo on a full frame camera with a 50mm lens, the look will be the same on a cropped sensor, you will just have a cropped view of the same scene. This difference is why medium format has a different look. You can use a higher focal length to capture your subject which provides more compression and can create a more pleasing look/perspective.


If you take a photo of a scene at, say, 24mm, and take a photo of the same scene at 200mm, and then crop the 24mm photo to the same framing as the 200mm photo, the perspectives will be identical.

The perspective is the relative arrangement of the objects in the scene, and is a function solely of the subject-camera distance (more properly, the subject-aperture distance).


I've shot (and cropped) formats ranging from 1/1.7 P&S tp 5"x4". The ONLY thing that affects the perspective is the distance.

Take two photographs from the same position with different formats. For each one use a lens that will render the main subject as the same relative size (e.g. half the frame height). Print both of them on the same size paper (e.g. 6"x4") so that the whole height of the frame is printed the same size.

If you have done things right the main subject will be the same height (2" in my example) on both prints. Measure any other object in the picture and it will be the same size in both prints.

Depth of field may be different, but the perspective will be identical.

You guys are both right of course.  I never thought about the distance being the only determining factor of perspective.  Thanks for correcting me.

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