What memory card for the D800E?

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Re: What memory card for the D800E?

With a 32gb CF card and lossless compressed raws the file size tends to be around 40mb, which would to me suggest conservatively 600-700 shots. The camera always tells me 400 and then adjusts as I get through the first 100 down to 340 or so..

However two thoughts. One is that as you fill up the card, the speed decreases. A slower card say 60mb/s is absolutely fine when empty but slows down badly.

Second, just from experience unless you are shooting to both cards simultaneously, I don't like to rely on one card for my entire shoot/holiday etc, as they do occasionally fail and then you are really screwed (hasn't happened to me yet but its the nature of the beast), so I'd prefer to use 16gb cards and have a few rather than a 64gb.

Final point, the SD cards are cheaper so better to get the faster speeds. Due to the way the card is controlled, apparently SD cards are better for writing video onto, so I have photos written to my CF card then when full they move to the SD card, and videos just to the SD card (which I take fewer of).

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