Cloud storage - advice please

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Cloud storage - advice please

Advice is requested on the question of storage.

Hard drives will crash and as I have run out of auxiliary hard disc storage my thoughts have turned to cloud storage and the dilemma of how the files should be stored.

I do not shoot RAW now for two reasons:

1.Out of camera jpg files are now so good and are sufficiently adjustable in LR (when exposed correctly). When necessary, RAW is used, and I do an in-camera conversion to jpg.

2. LR is a non-destructive software medium – adjusted files are virtual version of the unprocessed files so the point of using RAW as a “negative” does not seem valid anymore. However the storage problem is basically the same for RAW users.

Flickr is now offering one tetrabyte of storage (not for RAW) so this looks like a good option. The other option is to use Dropbox or a similar program.

But which file do I store – the unprocessed jpg or the LR adjusted version?

The Flickr display logically should be used to show off the tweaked or adjusted file but if this is the only file stored the original is lost and not available for future adjustment. One could store both original and adjusted files in Flickr but imagine the messy presentation that would ensue!

The original jpg file could be stored in Dropbox and a LR catalogue backup stored in a secure place but unless this was in conjunction with Flickr one would loose the online ability to view processed files.

It seems to me that both storage solutions should be part of a backup.
I would be pleased to hear how others approach this.

Thanks in advance.

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