Skin colour in 24MP DX cameras

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Maybe it's both more and less complicated

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mistermejia wrote:

Only from my personal experience, it is best to just ignore and avoid AWB with the D7000. You don't have to spend $100 for an Expo Disk, get an inexpensive $12 one and always perform the In-camera custom white balance, you WILL see a huge difference and this is the only way to get pretty good skin tones out of this camera. Even if you are shooting in RAW don't use AWB and your photos should be even better and easier to adjust in PP.

In the end, the D7000 does not produce THE nicest skin tones, specially tanish skin, period. But people say the D7100 is much much better. I use a CCD camera now and yes, HUGE difference between CMOS sensors. Below are D7000 AWB jpeg examples. Just HORRIBLE!

absolutely. In your firts image for example, the little girl's face looks washed out from details, and the shadows are very dense. If you try to recover those on cmos, you will experiment color shift in the hair and green bushes will lack of color, this is typical cmos. Try it with a CCD : if you expose well, you'll just need to ad some sharpening to your NEF file and voila !

I tend to like the results D7000 AWB gives me, even for those supposedly more challenging darker skin tones:

(As with any example photograph, maybe this one shows terrible skin tones when I'm trying to suggest they're pretty good.  Eye of the beholder and all, but the client liked it.)

So many things go into color and skin tone, but I don't think there's an "sensor choice silver bullet."  Instead, regardless of what you're shooting, you have to hit your exposure and you have to be aware of what kind of light you're using.  I have a CCD-equipped body, too, but swapping it in won't suddenly fix a lousy exposure or unflattering light striking my subject.

Part of making AWB work properly is--you guessed it--sufficient exposure and light that doesn't have a color cast you don't want.  Hit your subject with 5400K in a setting that won't bounce that light back with an obnoxious cast, and the D7000's AWB will give you 5400K tones.   Under- or over-expose in an environment that's giving you really funky light and, well, it's tough to expect the camera will give you a reasonable white-balance read.

It's often the case that people shoot photographs with their mind rather than with their eyes.  You're in a moment, you like it, so you frame and snap without really being aware of the color in front of you.  Happens all the time when people shoot their kids posing on soccer fields: we just went through a thread with someone worrying about whether he was seeing the "nikon green cast" rather than the obvious result of posing his subjects atop a giant green reflector.   He was in the moment; he didn't actually look at what he was shooting.

So, rather than worry about CCD vs. CMOS, I'd worry about Mental Image vs. Real Image: am I really paying attention to the light and color where I'm photographing?  Am I trying to photograph something in totally funky or flat light and unflattering color and then expecting that it'll come out as if lit with Annie Leibovits's army of Softlighter assistants?

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