Making GR jpegs punchier or more vivid

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Making GR jpegs punchier or more vivid

With the release of dpreview's evaluation of the GR, I've seen a few comments from folks asking if Ricoh plans to offer an update to make the jpegs punchier or more vivid as that was one of the complaints or observations in the review.

As I always shoot in RAW, I've never paid any attention to the jpegs that come out of any camera. In fact, it's pretty difficult for any mfg to offer a single default setting that will satisfy the tastes of everyone. I remember when Polaroid was popular, they could not ship one emulsion of their color film to all markets... the western regions got film that was on the warm side whereas the Asian/Pacific markets got film that was a bit more blue or colder.

For those that aren't enamored with the GR's default jpeg setting, the engineers have given you a choice of changing the settings in you can tune or cook your jpegs to whatever you like.

Below are three quick samples. The first is using the "Standard" setting, the second is "Vivid" and the third is a custom setting I created and stored as "Setting1". For this setting, I slid the Vividness, Contrast and Sharpness settings all the way over to 9 which is your maximum value. You can also apply Vignetting but I choose to leave that setting off for these examples.

While I'm not sure I personally like the last setting, I hope these samples give some of you an idea of the type of control you have over your jpeg settings.



GR Image Settings Menu

GR Standard (default) Setting

GR Vivid Setting

My customized Setting 1

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