NSA intel programs have 'disrupted' more than 50 terror plots

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William Carson
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Re: NSA intel programs have 'disrupted' more than 50 terror plots

If you have not read interview it is worth the view. It is Ed Snowden answering questions put to him from web participants.


and his video statement earlier:


It seems like with other revelations i.e. of US spying on G8 participants with the intention of having an advantage in trading policies and now 'limited' drone surveillance already in the US, Skype, Apple, etc, being forced to cooperate with unconstitutional actions of the NSA, it is way past time to act. Silence is assent at this point. The previous whistle blowers such as Thomas Drake, Bill Binney, were targeted pretty effectively by Hayden. Do a search on that story. Worth reading the back story of what was going on in the intelligence world in 2001 and how those who could have prevented it were sidelined at just the wrong time. Yes, by Hayden.


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