Canon 200-400 f/4 reviewed by "Chasseur d'Images"

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Re: Canon 200-400 f/4 reviewed by "Chasseur d'Images"

Steve Balcombe wrote:

Jerry Fusselman wrote:

2. Much closer minimum focus distance---I think I have verified this.

Has there been a discussion about this? If so I've missed it. But I would point out that a conventional TC gives the same MFD as no TC, so how could an internal TC improve on that?

I think this would imply a large focus-shift when kicking in the TC?  That would be awfully inconvenient if true.  I'm very skeptical of the change in MFD claim.

3. Better in combination with an additional teleconverter.

Don't know. I remember reading a claim, years ago, probably on this forum, that two stacked (external) 1.4x TCs can give better IQ than a 2x TC but I would have no idea where to find the thread now.

I've seen images with the 600/4 IS II and 2x MK III that are fairly stunning, so I doubt that stacking two 1.4x's would be better than the new doubler.  It's no secret, though, that for ages doublers really sucked.

As far as stacking two 1.4x's vs. the internal TC and one 1.4x, I would expect the former to vignette noticeably more.  For one thing, with canon TCs you need an extension tube as a spacer due to the protruding nose.  The other thing is that protruding nose is no longer stuck up the rear of a telephoto, which I've read is thought to help reduce vignetting.

| When stuff is as good as this, any slight differences become academic.

That's the practical take home point.  The current generation of Canon superteles and extenders appear to be blowing away the past generation.  I don't have a 1.4x III yet, but I can attest that the 600/4 IS II is very noticeably sharper than my non-IS EF 600/4 that I've shot with for the last 18 years (I just upgraded).  It's *amazing*.  I never had any reason to complain about the sharpness of the original 600/4 but side-by-side ... oh my.

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