Samsung gets it right - look here, Oly!

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Chris Tofalos
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Re: Samsung gets it right...

Samsung haven't a clue how to get it right. As a former NX100 (plus EVF) user I eagerly awaited the NX200, only to discover it lacked any form of, IMHO, essential EVF. I promptly switched to M4/3 and consider that one of my better decisions (just look at the range of lenses for starters).

The Galaxy NX continues Samsung's screw-ups. A camera which users are forced to use the LCD panel (until they get fed up with accidental operations, by nose, finger or goodness knows what else).

Samsung's approach to customers' actual needs is abysmal. If it's 'innovative' that's good enough for them, regardless of practicalities; 'take it or leave it because we know better'.

And, as a former Samsung mobile user, their phones are just as bad. They screwed around with the OS on the Windows phone I had to the point where I got totally cheesed off with trying to get the d*mnable thing to do what I needed.

Samsung gets it right? They've got their heads so far up their own rear ends they couldn't if they tried!

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