ARSAT H 50mm f2.0 LENS NIKON MOUNT helios 81h Not Working in smaller Aperture

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Re: ARSAT H 50mm f2.0 LENS NIKON MOUNT helios 81h Not Working in smaller Aperture

Why would the results be different at different apertures? The level of exposure should be the same (excluding some vignetting wide open). Or you mean the depth of field doesen t change?

Metering and viewing is done with the lens wide open, that s why the aperture opens up, even if you put it to f16 before mounting, the camera closes down the lens when you take the pic. Looks like the lens has an aperture lever to me.

I have 24 MF lenses i use with my D700, i don t have a D3200, but it would be usable only in Manual mode, aperture or speed priority don t work on it, try using manual mode.

Oh and join, you ll find tons of advice.


venket wrote:

Hi All

Im Venket

I am new to Digital Photography, i have brought new Nikon D3100 now.

Earlier i had Kiev-19 with Arsat H 50mm f/2 lens.

As Arsat H 50mm f/2 has F- Mount i am able to use this lens on my D3100 in manual mode.

Now my problem is this lens seems working only on f2.8 and f2. When i am taking pictures of the same object in same lighting conditions on Aperture f2 and f16 the results are almost same (slightly different).

Upon observing i have found that though i am changing the f no the blades are not closing when f no is changed to 16, as if the f no is on 2 or 2.8.

To check whats happening i have unmounted the lens from camera and set the f no to 16 and then again mounted the lens, while mounding i have observed that in the process of mounting i have observed that the lens blades are opened.

Can you pls suggest on how can i use this lens with full range of Aperture or what is the problem with lens.

Thanks in Advance.

Venket Ramana.

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