Good long lens?

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Re: Good long lens?

behyer wrote:

Okay, I'm spoiled, I'm used to pretty nice lenses on my NEX-7, including the Zeiss 24/1.8, the Touit 32, a Biogon 35/2, and a Leica Summicron-M 90/2 (pre-Aspherical model). I'd like a long lens, the faster the better, but not so big that it dwarfs the camera (so I'm not interested in a DSLR lens with an adapter).

I've tried two so far, the Olympus Zuiko 200/4, and the Leica Elmarit-R 180/4. The Leica is okay, I guess, but it's not in the same class as my other lenses. The Zuiko is disappointingly poor, especially since I used to shoot OM cameras and I expected it to be better. (Maybe the poor performance is a function of the NEX-7 sensor, but the other lenses I have give great results.)

Any suggestions? Did I buy the wrong Leica 180? I can't afford the newer ones but how about the 180/3.4 APO? That can be had for $1100 +/- and it's supposed to be good. Or should I scrap the 180-200mm focal length idea (270 to 300mm equivalents) and try a 135 (200mm equivalent)? Leica R or M?

How about Minolta APO 200 f2.8 G APO HS with a LA-EA2. I have 300 f2.8 APO HS but that is a big lens. 200 is supposed to be better and it's smaller too. With LA-EA2 you can get use of PDAF - quite useful for lonegr FL.

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