PowerShot D20 review posted

Started Jun 18, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Wow, PowerShot D20 is bad!

Robert, you are a good photographer and have the luxury of shooting interesting subject matter.

That said, I think the D20 does have less of a watercolor effect for foliage than other WP models. Also it seems you got a good sample with far less color fringing in the corners at 5mm than other samples.

Here is an image from the AW100, downsampled to match size at 4000x3000, nothing else. On the plus side, the tree branches are preserved against blue sky more than Canon does, but softness is evident in the corners. Conifers are more prone to watercolor effect than deciduous trees (I did not see conifers in your posts.)

The Panasonic TS4 can be extremely watercolor-like at 100%.

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