Anyone here got much experience of using the 16-50 power zoom lens with a NEX-C3?

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Re: Anyone here got much experience of using the 16-50 power zoom lens with a NEX-C3?

in fact on the 3N you have the nifty point and shoot like zoom lever on the shutter button (far better than on the lens IMHO) .. To be fair to Sony I think the PZ concept is a good one (I would have bought a mini apsc dslr if it were not for this lens and the 50fps 1080 video).. it almost halves the length of the PZ from the 18-55 std kit lens. I have a 5RL and find with the PZ on I can use a nice hand strap and the smaller length of the PZ retracted means I can carry it with just 2 fingers under the grip and it balances beautifully vertically in this way ...

I think the nex5R is a great camera (not tried the 3N) just with (in my case especially) a really crap kit lens ... which is why I am persevering with it rather than just returning it to Sony for a refund.

the danger in designing these concertina type zooms it that they as well as being darker lenses can be soft if they are not manufactured to very high tolerances (and designed well) .. this is how I find the powerzoom .. significantly worse lens than the std kit lens particularly at the top end - mine exhibits quite awful sharpness at 50mm compared to the std kit lens much like this :

I suspect if you get a good PZ lens or don't use the top end much perhaps your view of the PZ may be different ... without the softness I would be completely in love with the NEX .. so annoying that

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