Fuji X-E1 vs Canon 6d with 24-105 L

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Re: Fuji X-E1 vs Canon 6d with 24-105 L

jmagbita wrote:

Hi all.. recently I purchased the Fuji X-E1 along with all of the available Fuji lenses..

I've been happy with the IQ of the still images I've taken with the X-E1, but as for pictures of people doing things, I've been rather disappointed. Same goes for pictures taken in dimly lit "party" type settings..

As such, I'm considering getting the Canon ff 6d.

Prior to purchasing the X-E1 I was using the Canon 60d. I was happy with the camera but hated the size and the weight of carrying the camera along with several lenses, especially when traveling in Europe and Asia..

I've sold my 60d and now am having a hard time deciding whether or not to keep the X-E1 or going ff with the Canon 6d and 24-105 L lens..

I know the trade off is weight and size, but if I want the best IQ in all types of situations, is my only option to go to the 6d? I shoot everything from landscapes, to portraits, to party type settings..

If I do go with the 6d, I'll probably just stick with the 24-105 L for a while and maybe add the 16-35L or 17-40L and the 35 1.4 L.

Anyone else have the same experience? Thoughts? Advice?


Since you are comparing a Canon FF sensor to the X-Trans you will find that the difference is marginal. I did a similar comparison between a 5Dii and E-M5 and was very surprised that for low light event work the m43 sensor had less noise especially in the shadows, and in DR, the colors were better too.

I know the 5Dii and 6D have improved some in sensor performance but I for one won't be heading back to Canon at least while their sensors are so far behind.

I also had a better keeper rate from the E-M5 AF. The 5Dii isn't the best but it was set to center AF point so I expected it to be as good at least. The Fuji focus is slower than the E-M5 though.

You mention that you hated the size and weight of the Canon APS-C DSLR with lenses but you are considering a FF system, if you add up the weight of the equivalent lenses for FF you will see a big step up.

I suggest you at least try packing the FF camera and lenses in a bag to see if you would be prepared to carry it to the places you want to photograph as a first step, it may make your choice far easier.

If you do decide to go mirrorless and IQ is paramount then the X-E1 is a good choice and I love the IQ and the handling of mine but if you can sacrifice a relatively small improvement in IQ for much faster AF then the E-M5 is also a good choice.

I will be trying the XE-1 with the E-M5 again this weekend at a dance event so will let you know how the AF compares, though I think I know the answer already...........

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