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JudyN wrote:

Barry Margolius wrote:

Even if you moved some files, I think the synchronize will work. If you moved, for example, one file Lightroom would just think you deleted 1 file and added 1 file in a different place; not knowing that it was the same file.


Maybe but there's still a potential problem. If it thinks it's a new file you might lose any information it had about the other file. Any metadata (keyword tags or other metadata) as well as any edits UNLESS you had dutifully written out the metadata to the files. Even then you would lose things like collections the file might have been in.

For moved files, you can tell Lightroom to find them and then everything would be retained. I do that when I move my entire image directory -- I just point it to the new location. For individual files, it would be laborious I would think.

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You and Mark are both right.  I was just thinking about the image files, and I overlooked things like collections, sidecars, and metadata.  Good points.

It won't solve all of the above problems, but religiously writing metadata to your image files helps with one of them, if you have image files that can "hold" metadata.


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