Time to buy a new machine for editing. Needing advice please.

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Re: Comparing the Retina and non-Retina MBPs

Soo... I have another option to the mix...

After much debating, I think I will not go the laptop route... I don't really use the computer out of the house that much and I already have the iPad for couch browsing... So I think I might be better served with a desktop machine.

I was shopping around and saw a 21.5 iMac with the i5 2.9, GT650M, 16GB and 1tb Fusion drive.

That is for 1400.

The other option is buying a 27 TB display. That alone is 700. Leaving another 700 for a mac mini.
I can get a 2.6 i7 and then upgrade the ram myself to 16gb and upgrade to an SSD in the future.

I think the flexibility of having the display separated from the computer is a must. Also, the 27 with the higher resolution would be better...

The thing is that I read the 21.5 has a better screen, with less reflections.

Is that true?

What would be the better choice?


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