Does anyone like the canon 35mm 1.4 more than the sigma?

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I like the Sigma much better than my 35L

The Photo Ninja wrote:

I haven't found any review that prefers the canon.


I don't know anything about professional reviews as I stopped reading review long time ago but rather go buy the lens and play with it myself, in the case of the 35L, I have been using the 35L for many years mainly for low light indoor shooting and any time I need 1.4 aperture for light gathering capability, however, I normally don't use it for landscape application, I much prefer my Zeiss 35 F1.4 for that application, and even the Zeiss 35 F2.0 ZF that I had before, the Zeiss 1.4 is just so much sharper at the edges and the color and local contrast I like it much better, however, the Zeiss has horrible color fringing at F1.4, therefore I try not to use it at wide open, and that practically makes it a F2.0 lens for me, so I have been using two different 35mm lens for different applications and wish someday I can have a "one-fit-all" type of 35mm that I can comfortably use it wide open or stop down and have the same good performance on both end, then I tried the Nikon 35 F1.4 G when it came out as I also shoot with Nikon system (with D3 back then and D800E now), the 35G is still doesn't have the edge performance as the Zeiss, so it's not that lens I have been looking for, then the Sigma 35 F1.4 came out, I tried it, and guess what, my 35L was on Craigslist the the next day after I tried that sigma , never look back, wide open they are pretty close in the center in terms of sharpness, I might even give the 35L a slight edge there, bokeh on both are not that impressive,  too spoiled by the 50 HSM 1.4 and 85L II, not that I am expecting great bokeh from a 35mm WA lens anyway, the main difference I can see right away is the edge performance, it's really like day and night better on the Sigma, it's even sharp at wide open, and when stop it down to F8 and F11, it's just every bit as good as the Zeiss 35 1.4 which I can only dream about it with the 35L, and the color and contrast is nice too, not to mention the built quality is so "Zeiss like", a huge step up from the 35L, manual focusing ring is very smooth and provide very nice feedback, also a pretty big improvement over the 35L and it's one of the important feature for me as I do a lot, actually close to 99% of the time in manual focus on tripod in my landscape shooting. with that being said, the Sigma 35 F1.4 is my preferred "all-in-one" 35mm lens today.

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