Any users of older Ricoh digicams?

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Re: Any users of older Ricoh digicams?

From a small write up posted by me in an other thread at Ricohforum.

I Have a G4 and also a black RX. But I really prefer the 400G over the G4 W. Despite somewhat extra bulk I like it better as it is very comfortable to use with the all the rubber around the body and it is also more silent due to the sealed shell.
The RX, at least from my experience have less good image quality than the G4 W / 400G wide and I don't like the somewhat slower widest aperture either. At least the 'Ok'-button is placed better even though the G4 W / 400G not was too bad there either.

Ricoh Caplio G3. Like the G4W and RX it uses the very same 3mp 1/2.7" ccd, but it actually have better image quality imo. The way it handle the noise is just pretty good for having such a small Ccd. The default sharpening is on the high side and maybe it might benefit from being set to Soft instead. The 35-105mm zoom is not spectacular in terms of range but a good performer. Optically it seems to be the same zoom as for the predecessor, the Caplio RR30 (and later on the first Caplio G4) though with new engines for the zoom and the AF. At least the sound these engines make is noticeably different. The zoom-engine in the Ricoh Caplio RR33 / 300G (another sealed version) have a far more whiny sound compared to the Ricoh Caplio Pro G3 which and the AF sound reminds a lot about the GRDI while the G3 have a somewhat more silent rattling noise.
The zoom which I think could have been wider, 28mm instead of 35mm, and the button layout is the weak links on a camera which otherwise is good for being an inexpensive model which the first RR30 and since the usual G3 was.
The button layout is not very impressive with the G3 having the separate Menu and ok buttons placed farther away from each other than compared to the G4. something which Ricoh realized as they corrected that when they designed the G4. Also while the G4 was the first to have the ADJ-button for quick changes of exposure, white balance and iso there is no such button on the G3 or RR30.
My first test-pictures with the G3 can be found in an other thread at Dpreview. ... t-39180960

I've had a 300G and also briefly a RR30 which I bought used for about two years ago or more. Unfortunately the RR30 which I bought had serious cardwriting problem as it randomly could refuse to save taken images to the SD memory card properly. Tried with some different cards but still same result so eventually I gave up there.
The RR30 and 300G have marginally longer shutter-release lag compared the G3 and newer Ricohs though still short enough not to cause problem there. Image quality of the 300G and probably also the RR30 Image quality is good except for the mortling noise compared to the G3. Actually it have foolproof AWB. Button layout is same as for the G3.

RR30 was the first in a long row of Ricohs plus submodels of the G3 and also the 300G and 400G which used that bad 3mp 1/2.7" ccd from Sony. http:/
Except for the usual G3 and the first G4 I've used all of these with that ccd to at least a small extent. At least for now I've no intention of trying to find a G4 on Ebay. From sample images which I've seen in various reviews it seems to have less good image quality compared to the Pro G3 which I've and I can't believe that the usual G3 is any different than he pro G3 as it except for the extra memory card slot which is intended to put a CF GPS or Wifi card into which makes the camera somewhat more bulky. Have tried but not been able to find a Caplio G3 review with full size sample images so far.

I might try to find a usual Ricoh Caplio G3 as these are less bulky than the Pro G3 which I've now.

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