Who uses P&Ss as serious gear?

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Re: Who uses P&Ss as serious gear?

I agree with you. I've owned and used 4X5 view cameras, 6X7 mm, Nikon and Canon SLRs, Leicas and Rolleiflexes. I've trudged through the Florida Everglades and various other National Parks with a  heavy tripod and 30 pounds of photo gear. I've had professional wet mount scans made of my negatives and transparencies. I've owned several Canon SLRs using L lenses. And now I own a Nex 6 with several zooms and primes, and an RX100.

This is my observation: Prints made from scans of the 4X5  are equal to the prints from the digital Canon and Nikon DSLRs. But except for different renditions of color, I find it hard to distinguish which camera was used. Prints made from scans of Leica , Nikon and Canon transparencies  are not as good as prints made from my Rx100. and 13X19 prints made from my Nex can hardly be distinguished from those made with my RX100.

It appears to me that the newer the technology, the better the photo quality. But it also appears that except for those who examine each photo with strong magnifiers and calibrated light, it would be difficult to choose which of my present cameras was used for prints up to 13X19.

The difference arises in the flexibility afforded by the use of interchangeable lenses. But I find that the handiness of the Rx100 results in more usable pictures than the flexibility of the Nex.

By the way, if I want to take bird photos, I borrow my wife's Canon SX260 which gives me a 500 mm {35mm equivalent} lens. These pictures can easily be enlarged to 11X14 with excellent quality and with enough depth of field that I do not require stopping down and using a tripod. I have concluded that I cannot be prepared to photograph everything I may encounter. By encumbering myself with cameras with interchangeable lenses, I complicate the act of taking pictures. I miss more pictures that I would get with my RX100.

Lately, when I use my Nex 6, I take only my 35mm f/1.8. Because of the limitation this imposes, I look for and see only the pictures that I can take with this lens. Strangely enough, I come back from a picture taking excursion with as many exposures as I do with a kit of 4 lenses, and the pictures seem as good.

As you may surmise, I am an amateur who is not expected to be prepared for every eventuality.

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