Remote Shutter Exposure Limit?

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Re: Remote Shutter Exposure Limit?

I believe the answer to your question is yes, the buffer is written during the exposure of the next picture, the same as when you hold the shutter down to take many pictures quickly. I may be incorrect on this though. I just know I can take 100 pictures with the shutter locked down before it quits. With an intervalometer set in bulb mode this does not occur and I can shoot until the battery runs dead. I set the intervalometer for 29 second exposures with 1 second between shots. 1 second is the minimum delay. You can set it to any exposure you want, but noise may become a problem with long exposures. An astrophotographer could tell you more on this.

On the D80, the buffer size is 100 images in jpg, but only 6 in raw. Consult your owners manual for more on this on the D90. My D80 manual has a chart (near the back) with memory card capacity and buffer size.

Anyway, star trail are fun and can be done with the equipment you already have. I just opted for the intervalometer route, so I could set the camera out in the backyard and then go to bed. But I live in the country where it is safe to do that - bper

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