LF1 Vs Other : LX7, S110, RX100

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Re: LF1 Vs Other : LX7, S110, RX100

Robert Anderson wrote:

Look at the studio shots at imaging-resource. The paint brush and proportional scale on the right side and the crayons and fabric on the left really show the difference between the LX7 and LF1 in edge sharpness.

I don't trust that type of studio shots, they are too vulnerable to field curvature and small changes in focus, and not representative of real life shots at larger focus distance (landscape / architecture style). Some lenses perform well in such studio shots at 1-3m distance, others perform better near infinity (which is more important to me).

I looked at several real-life shots from LF1 in online reviews that were taken with (almost) infinity focus, and corner/border sharpness of the LF1 looks fine there even at f/2.8. Could be that LX7 is even better in the corners, but there are no controlled comparisons available.

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