Going lightweight - what am I missing?

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Re: Going lightweight - what am I missing?

There's no question in my mind that changing lenses on a "holiday-with-partner" kind of trip gets in the way. That's as opposed to a "photo expedition", where I might spend an hour or more working a particular venue. It can also be awkward in a crowded street.

As I look back on the recent Paris trip, and the photo results, I have to ask whether I achieved anything using the Nikon V1 + three lenses that I couldn't have done with my Canon G11? Yes, I think so, but not by much: the Nikon 110mm 2.8 is a gem in low light and the 30-110mm is a gem, period. But I also really missed the fold-out screen of the G11 for the more discreet kind of street shot.

(As it happens, I did a shot-for-shot comparison between the V1 and the G11 before I left, just to check - as I remember, the V1 outperformed the little Canon, but it's always different in the field.)

I suspect the real difference exists primarily between my ears: in "holiday" mode, it's snap-snap, and I'm just another tourist, not really thinking about shots, composition, highlights, etc. In "photo expedition" mode, I'm concentrating far more on the technical aspects, and the craft of photography. The results appear accordingly.

I've not used the 10-100mm - but imagine it would do very well indeed for the purpose you describe - and the CX system is, without question, lightweight compared with DX or FX.

A final comment on the V1 - I had no idea how much I had come to depend on the "blinkies" warning me about blown highlights. The V1 does not have this feature (don't know about the V2, sorry...) and its absence/my carelessness cost me a number of shots. I thought I could read it from the camera's screen - wrong!

Good luck on your journey and enjoy!

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