Need Assistance with PC Specs

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Re: Need Assistance with PC Specs

I do use DVD (to install some programs, recovery disc etc) so $1014 goes to $1032... and...ah.. the Operating System? (Windows 8, which I happen to love) ... $99: grand total: $1131.

Ah yes, there are still people using Windows out there. Mea culpa.

Power cord? Ok, I won't get too knit-picky.


And as to quality: a quote about the case:

“Made of weak metal
Worst design for securing pci cards ever, flimsy and bends easily, does a poor job of holding cards ...”

About the same as the OEM case. Which is why I do not buy OEM systems.

And don't forget, the OEM actually put the off-the-shelf version all together for me, so there is labor cost involved.. which is what allows me to do my 2 simple upgrades in an hour.

Which is the same time an assembly would take, making your time saving, lemme see, one hour minus one hour - zero!

Ok, so now I am going overboard... point being is there are a lot of little things to think through building your own system. For some, that is the fun part... but if you have an oversight? If that is not my hobby?

Then that is a completely different point than what you started out with, namely the claim that it is impossible to build a system from parts as cheaply as it is to buy an OEM one.

EDIT: I was just looking at the motherboard.. says it supports 2nd generation Intel CPU, the off-the-shelf supports 3rd generation... does that matter? Maybe not, but I would not buy this, because I do not know any different.

No, it does not matter, and 30 seconds of googling will tell you that and explain why.


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