Fuji X-E1 vs Canon 6d with 24-105 L

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If and IF

jmagbita wrote:

also, if i'm willing to deal with the weight, is the 6d a better option in terms of overall iq?

IF weight is not an issue and  IF hauling a heavy load when you travel feels good - you will get slightly better IQ with a Canon FF.   Fuji JPEGs are very good ... you do not have to do much PP, but IF  you love working with RAW files and a CS5....

Of course the IQ difference is not that big in real life  and probably you can not even tell which image was taken with a FF or an APS-C   - IF  you make a double blind test.

This dilemma  is more like easiness/quality of life vs pixel peeping satisfaction -  what do you prefer ? It is you who travels or walks around with the FF + heavy lenses.  Is it just you who looks at your pictures or are you even selling some ? IF you want to be a pro the FF is more convincing - not that most of the the customers can see any difference in the images...

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